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For the Alchemist.

Amidst the ethereal realms of bits and bytes, our software becomes the wizard's staff, conjuring spells to tame the unruly data storms and harness the enchanting powers that flow through the digital ether.

We allow fellow alchemists to transmute the raw elements of data

into the gold of meaningful insights.


Smart Search

We go beyond traditional bookmarking by enabling users to search through the actual content of bookmarked pages.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through lists – find exactly what you need instantly.


Calendar Visualization

We improved bookmarking with a calendar visualization. Now, you can organize bookmarks but also access the temporal dimension of your saved content.

A unique chronological perspective for better context and recall.


Enhanced Productivity

By providing advanced search capabilities, visualizations, and chronological tracking, we empower users to be more productive in their online activities.

No more wasting time searching for that elusive article or losing track of valuable resources.


Closed Beta

Get a sneak peek into the future of bookmarking. Explore our cutting-edge features before anyone else.

Closed beta participants will have priority access to new updates and features as we roll them out.

Help us refine and enhance Amethyst Portal by sharing your thoughts on features, usability, and overall experience.

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in shaping Amethyst Portal into the ultimate tool for efficient web exploration.


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